Echoes of Life - A Poetic Journey by Nishant Ahlawat

Life is a journey, winding and unknown,

When you think you've unraveled its secrets,

It throws challenges you can't decode,

Situations that defy resolution.

Life is a mystery, a dance of smiles and hidden tears,

Where joy and sorrow waltz within,

You may laugh through the tears, or weep with a smile,

Yet, the choice is never entirely yours.

Life is a history, days slipping through our fingers,

Becoming years in the blink of time's eye,

Memories once orbiting around you, now distant stars,

Soon, you too become a page in the vast book of history.

Life is a story, a narrative unfolding,

Yet, you're not the solitary scribe,

Truth lies in its spontaneous script,

You act, react, but rarely dictate.

Life is a laugh, echoing in the corridors of time,

Mostly at yourself, at the absurdity of it all,

Sometimes at the world, its quirks and follies,

Laughter, the resilient thread weaving through.

Life is this moment, fleeting and unique,

Hold it close, for it won't revisit,

No encore, no second take,

Live it now, embrace its transient grace.


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