I see red

Chronicles in Red: A Poetic Odyssey by Nishant Ahlawat

Ocean waves were high, but emotions were low,
Titanic sank, people waited, the moment stopped,
All I saw amidst the chaos was a red hat, gently floating.

Rainbow at its charm, day warm and bright,
Kids played in the park till it was dark,
But all I noticed was a red kids' bicycle, quietly parked.

Night blushing with stars, a canvas of dark,
A pair of eyes lonely and waiting for time,
As if even breathing was a crime, and all I saw was red,
A broken glass of red wine.

Smiles sparked around, everyone happy, shiny, and full of life,
Doctors had their daily job, onlookers had their last hope,
Yet all my eyes fixated on was a cannula, silently dripping blood.

Innocence embraced by music loud,
Time rejoiced while moments of hope arrived,
All I perceived was a red hearing aid, a silent guardian.

Time stopped with no scope of hope,
Even breath seemed like a distant echo,
Dried tears had no role to play, but all I saw was red,
A red photo frame holding memories hostage.

I am time, witnessing it all, living it to the core,
Till you reach the shore.


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