Echoes of a Resilient Soul

In the quiet spaces of my soul, a poet speaks,
A voice not mine, but from depths unique.
It whispers softly, sometimes roars with might,
A silent rebel, embracing day and night.

Through desert summers scorching with despair,
Or polar snows where hope is a rare affair,
I rise undeterred, my spirit unbowed,
For every fall is a prelude to standing proud.

Indifferent is the world, with eyes that glare,
Yet, I forge ahead, refusing to wear
Their judgments, simple and bare,
"I don't care, and I dare."

Let not tears escape like fleeting tides,
Hold them close, let courage be your guide.
Born bare and alone in this world's embrace,
Beyond flesh and bones lies a sacred space.

If they glimpse not the heart within,
Their oversight, their profound sin.
Believe in yourself, oh, resilient soul,
Victory yours in life's eternal toll.


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