We the Humans - Day 3

Amid lockdown, Sonia was working from home and taking care of her 3 and 7 years old kids all alone. Balancing it with her work was already making things very difficult for Sonia as her husband Jayant was also stuck in another city. In addition, little Sasha had her set of demands and would not understand the meaning of lockdown, while Rishu's online classes caused added troubles for Sonia. In the chaos that it was, while working on her laptop, Sonia sat next to the window in her bedroom, while Rishu studied. Sasha looked out of the window and asked her mom who would feed the dogs who stay on the road outside her house. Listening to Sasha's question, Sonia kept her laptop aside and listened to her patiently. Meanwhile looking out of the window Sonia observed a little pup who evidently seemed starved. 'we will feed them' Sonia replied hugging Sasha. With that Sonia, took some pieces of bread and milk from her kitchen and placed it in a bowl outside her house. She even appealed to her neighbors to take care of the animals outside their complex. Thus an innocent question from Sasha helped a great cause. Sonia forgot all chaos and felt really proud of her daughter. 


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