We the Humans -Day 2

Amidst the lockdown, many passengers were stranded on railway stations, so was Mansoor,a senior citizen. He was visiting his son who was a government officer in a nearby city . It was already way past noon and he was feeling really tired in the chaos on the crowded platform . Sitting on the bench  on the platform he looked at faces in an hope to find some known face. He was feeling hungry and thirsty as his son would take a while to reach. In the meanwhile he observed a little girl around 6 years old, running and dancing in front of him. Despite everything going crazy, the little girl was really happy. Mansoor saw her hugging the lady seemingly little girl's mom who was sitting next to the bench on the floor with some patched torn bags.Mansoor realised that the little girl  was travelling with her mother with a group of labourers. As the little girl crossed Mansoor, little girl smiled and greeted him. Mansoor asked her name. The little girl replied in English to which Mansoor was really amazed. Her mother told Mansoor, that she  studies in a school in the city in which they work and that they were travelling back to the city from their village . But now they were stranded. In the meanwhile little girl's mother offered to help Mansoor in case he needed water or something to eat. After some reluctance , Mansoor agreed and asked her to get him a bottle of water and some food as he was really hungry. He also asked for few packets of potato chips. In few minutes little girl's mother brought him food and water. Mansoor offered the little girl and her mother some  food  as well. Little girl thanked him . Meanwhile, his son arrived and after talking to him Mansoor arranged for the interim stay and travel of the little girl and her mother back to their village.

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