We the Humans Day -1

Rabbi, a software engineer, was stuck in his one room rented apartment while his flatmate had gone to his home. Ofcourse in this lockdown  their was nothing he could do except working, working out and watching Netflix or primevideos. The day went by usual, although he was missing proper meal as his tiffin service was unable to deliver at the moment. Standing in his balcony, he watched the deserted streets and complex. Meanwhile, his eyes turned towards his next door balcony and he saw Kapoor aunty, an octogenerian  standing there apparently sad and worried. Although, he has never talked to her in last four years, today he greeted her. As he greeted her, although she blessed him and smiled, but the worry was apparent on her face. He, enquired if she was okay. After some insistence , she told that her mobile phone was not working and thus she couldn't talk to her kids. And she doesn't remember if she had noted their numbers anywhere. Rabbi volunteered to help. Being a techie, it didn't took him much to fix her phone as it was a setting problem. Kapoor aunty's smile returned after talking to her kids and knowing their well being. And Kapoor aunty didn't let him go without a home cooked food. 
Even in the times of distress  your small acts can definitely take away someone's worries. 


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