The Pick pocket

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Rhea was shopping in the crowded lanes of market. She carried her sling bag on her left shoulder, which had her wallet in the outer most pocket. As she walked, her phone rang, she took it out from right pocket of her khaki shorts and took the call. As she talked on the phone, she felt a jerk on her left shoulder. She turned back and saw a guy in a toren dirty sweat shirt running in opposite direction and her wallet missing. She ran after him and shouted for help. Mean while the guy turned in the right lane, and as Rhea followed breathlessly  she saw the guy in a fight with another guy who was wearing neat clothes and seemed sophisticated. Approaching them, Rhea slapped the guy in dirty clothes and asked him to return her wallet as crowd gathered around them . Apparently shocked at her reaction, he still asked the guy who seemed sophisticated to return her wallet and walked away. At that point one onlooker told her that the guy in dirty clothes ran after the pickpocket to get her wallet. Feeling embarassed for being judgmental , Rhea looked around to find the guy and apologise to him but he had disappeared in the crowd. 


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