The Santa Claus

It was around 7 pm and Neeraj was returning from his office. On the way he stopped at the stationary shop to buy a gift for his son Rishabh. After all it was Christmas Eve and like every year Rishabh would be waiting for Santa's gift. While he was walking towards the  billing counter right next to the entry door he saw a little girl in an oversized jacket praying to life size Santa Claus mannequin. Curious because of her innocent expressions he tried to listen to what she was saying to Santa.
"Dear Santa Uncle, you give gifts to all children. This year please give me some gift. I want to study in a big school and become a doctor".
Listening to her words, Neeraj's eyes got wet . After paying for Rishabh's gift at the shop he stepped out  of the shop and looked around for that little girl. He found her sitting on a broken blue stool next to a Chinese food cart. As he approached the cart , he heard her calling the man preparing food as her father. After getting some dimsums packed from the cart and talking to them he walked towards his home. It's been 15 years and that little girl is now studying in a Medical college as that day Neeraj decided to become her Santa Claus.
Merry Christmas 🎅


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